Hotel***** for dogs  and cats

The way our boarding establishment operates is very simple. You bring your animal to us for a clearly-defined period: a day, a weekend, a week, or more...
We undertake to respect your animal, its food, its walks, its medical supervision and its well-being! We take care of your animal as if it were our very own!
All our individual pens are heated for the comfort of your animal. They are cleaned and disinfected every day with special products for animals.
We have lots of room as well as a relaxation meadow where our boarders can run free, our grounds being entirely fenced in. 
The dogs and cats aren’t left to their own devices: we play with them. The food is varied and the menu is personalised for its comfort. Fresh water is given every day.
In the event of problems, a veterinary quickly comes on site to administer the necessary care.


Walk Option :

If you wish, during the stay of your companion, we can offer you to take him for a 30-minute walk (2km) through the beautiful countryside of Lasne composed of woods and fields.

In school holiday periods : Maximum time per day

Outside school periods : Maximum 2 to 3 time per day


Educationg boradoring  : 20€ (the 30-min training session)

If you’d like, during the stay of your dog we can we take charge of its education.
Take advantage of your dog's stay in our boarding establishment to perfect its education, to make it more obedient or correct certain behavioural problems.

 Amongst others, we address the following issues:


  • Conduct on leash
  • Walking free
  • Sitting and remaining seated
  • Lying down and staying there
  • Returning
  • Rewards and punishments
  • Sociabilisation via different stimuli
  • Not jumping on people
  • And many other possibilities …